Our Solalight™ Kits come in a variety of configurations, color options, and mounting types to suit your needs.

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This is our most popular fixture due to its clean look, simple installation, and excellent light output. With a max light output of 2600 lumens (approximately two 100 watt incandescent bulbs), this fixture shines bright in style and performance. The fixture has a diameter of 13″ and covers an area of about 100 square feet.


Our square recessed light fixture offers something a little different in design. Identical in light output to our recessed round fixture and also measuring 13″ across, this light can cover an area of about 100 square feet. The square design looks crisp in a variety of applications.


Our surface mount light is the easiest to install of our fixtures. The classic design looks great in new and older houses alike. The fixture has a max light output of 2600 lumens, which is equivalent to about 200 watts in incandescent bulbs. This light is good for an area up to approximately 100 square feet.


This lighting kit uses the same 35W panel as our single light kits, but allows you to split the power between two 12W recessed round lights. Perfect for a hallway, closets in different rooms, or a spread lighting effect. Each light has a max output of 1200 lumens (equivalent to a 90 watt incandescent bulb) and measures 9″ in diameter. The lights will cover about 50 square feet each.


These small 6W lights are one of our most popular offerings. Using our standard 35W solar panel, these lights can be spread down a hallway, along a counter, or used to highlight small areas. Each light covers an area of about 25 square feet and has a max light output of 700 lumens (equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent bulb). Each unit measures 4.25″ in diameter.

48W Light Kit 48w in kitchen

The 48 watt light fixture is the largest light we offer. It is ideal for use in the kitchen or garage to provide ample illumination. The system uses a 75 watt panel to power the 2’x2′ square light and comes with an easy to assemble surface mount frame that attaches to the ceiling. The light fixture produces 4800 lumens, which is equivalent to nearly 400 watts of incandescent lighting. This light is only available in the 5000K color option.


Frequently Asked Questions

How well do these lights demonstrate color?

Redilights demonstrate color very well. The SMD LEDs installed in Redilights have a color rendering index of over 82 out of 100.

What happens when the sun is not out or it is cloudy?

Since the Redlight system relies on a solar panel for energy, the light reacts to the sun’s intensity much like a skylight. As the sun rises, the light intensifies. As the sun sets, the intensity decreases. The light intensity will also be lower during cloudy conditions. The system will be off until enough light to power it is available unless a Day/Night Switch is added to supplement it from house power.

What is the warranty on Redilight products?

  • 7 year warranty on Redilight LED Light fittings.
  • 5 year warranty on Redilight SPECTRA Drivers.
  • 5 year warranty on all Redilight approved parts and accessories.
  • Solar Panels – 5 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship,
  • 10-year limited warranty of 90% power output; 25-year limited warranty of 80% power

Can one remote control multiple lights?

Absolutely. The remote can be synced with any remote driver in your system. Refer to our instructions on syncing remotes here.

Can Redilights be dimmed?

Yes, if an optional driver equipped with a remote is installed, the lights will be dimmable and able to be turned on and off.

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