4 x 6 Watt Recessed Round Light Kit


These small 6W lights are one of our most popular offerings. Using our standard 35W solar panel, these lights can be spread down a hallway, along a counter, or used to highlight small areas. Each light covers an area of about 25 square feet and has a max light output of 700 lumens (equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent bulb). Each unit measures 4.25″ in diameter.

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Kit Contents:

  • [4] 6 Watt Recessed Round Light Fixtures – Data Sheet
  • [1] Redilight Spectra Driver – Data Sheet
  • [1] 35 Watt Solar Panel – Data Sheet
  • [30 ft] 2 Conductor 16 AWG UV Resistant Cable
  • [1] 4 Way Splitter
  • [4] 10 ft Light to Driver Extension Cables
  • Solar Panel Mounting Hardware
  • Install Instructions

This kit comes with the wire pre-attached to the solar panel, making installation simple. Everything needed to install the light is provided except a roofing sealant of your choosing. All components are UL certified.

Choose Your Roof Type

Our mounting hardware is tailored to three different roof types:

Composite Shingle – Metal – Clay/Cement Tile

Selecting hardware to match your roof type ensures your installation will go smoothly.

Roofing Styles

Choose A Color Temperature

All of our light fixtures come in either a 3000K or 5000K color temperature.

5000K is often described as “Daylight” and is what most customers prefer. It does the best job of showing a wide range of color around it.

3000K is described as “Warm White”, has a bit of an orange hue, and is used to give rooms a more cozy feel.

Light Temperature Comparison

Choose a Driver

Every kit comes with the option to add a remote control so you can turn the light on/off and dim it.

The remote control option swaps out the standard driver for a remote controlled driver.

A remote controlled driver can be swapped into a system with a standard driver at any time.

*Standard drivers do not have the capability to be paired with a remote. The driver and remote come as a pair.

Remote and Driver
Remote Control for Redilight

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 5 in