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Why partner with Redilight?

Energy Efficient

By harnessing the sun’s free energy, Redilight delivers the cost savings of solar to your home or office.


One Redilight solar panel can power several Skyfixtures at once, creating flexible lighting solutions for any building style.

High Quality

Manufactured using the finest components, Redilight comes with an industry-leading warranty and is UL certified. Guaranteeing your lights for years of use.


Use your Redilight day or night. Switch between solar or grid power with our smart lighting kits.

The Redilight Advantage


Support teams in the U.S. and abroad are available for technical, marketing, sales and logistical needs.


Teams dedicated to offering the correct engineered solutions for your lighting and comfort needs both residentially and commercially.


On Demand and on-site training available for continuing education.


Receive leads from our national campaigns and seasonal campaigns for your area.

Programs and Resources

Programs, systems, and resources developed over 20 years ensuring success, and SMART results.

Testing and Approvals

Testing to meet international and regional safety and building codes*

(*inquire about limitations)