About Us

A Skylight Alternative

Redilight USA is a Solar Powered Lighting Company based in Vancouver, WA. We provide Solar Lighting products to a growing network of Dealers in the US and internationally. Our products are the best alternative to a skylight and are often installed when a traditional or tubular skylight can’t be installed. Redilight was originally developed in Australia by a Solatube installer who saw the need for a Skylight Alternative. John Hanley, one of the original founders of Solatube, brought the Redilight product to the US. Redilight USA was officially launched in 2019 and now has Dealers all over the US.

A Little History

In 1998 John Hanley was working in the Curtain Wall industry in Sydney Australia. There he met Steve Sutton who had invented and patented a tubular daylighting device he called Solatube. Mr. Hanley worked with Mr. Sutton developing and testing prototypes that eventually led to the creation of Solatube Australia in 1990. Mr. Hanley, being the original founder of Solatube Australia, set up Franchise sales and Installation Teams that rapidly grew within Australia. Solatube Australia then grew internationally, setting up distributors in New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan.

Solatube was established in the USA in 1992, becoming Solatube International, Inc. with Mr. Hanley serving as a director. In June 1998, he founded Solatube Global Marketing, Inc., where he worked with his son and a talented marketing support team developing an international network of 30 Solatube dedicated Distributors that covered over 70 countries. Mr. Hanley sold the Solatube Global Marketing interests to Solatube International in 2017 and began pursuing other interests. When he came across Redilight, he knew there was a need in the Daylighting Industry for a Skylight Alternative. John Hanley brought Redilight to the US Market to support Daylighting Professionals by giving their customers more options.